Published On: May 21, 2018 08:49 AM NPT By: Shusma Barali

Fashion is all about comfort

Fashion is all about comfort

For Aruna Joshi, one of the most prominent fashion designers of Nepal, fashion is all about comfort and knowledge about wearing clothes according to occasions.

“It is better to wear what suits you,” she said, talking to Republica. “Clothes should enhance one’s personality, not decrease it.”

Joshi, who is in the fashion designing business for around two decades, is also the president of Nepal Boutique Association. 

She is a fashion designer at A and A Fashion Studio, Pulchowk, Lalitpur. She also gives fashion designing training at her studio. This Friday and Saturday, she is giving a free workshop to the interested people.

The journey of being a fashion designer was not easy for her. She faced many struggles in her initial days when fashion designing was not considered a decent profession. Before joining fashion designing class, she used to teach at a school. She had already completed her master’s degree and her family members were not positive about choice of profession except her husband. 

She got inspired to be a trained fashion designer when she designed her daughter’s attire for a party. Those who attended the party praised the dress and she felt confident about being a fashion designer. Before that she used to make clothes for herself as a hobby. Recalling the support from her husband, she said: “My husband supported me in my choice. And it was because of my passion that I became a fashion designer.” 

She studied fashion designing at Namuna College in Kathmandu. She is one of the earliest students of the college. 

“We were only eight students at the college. At that time, fashion designing course was very new in Nepal. People did not know what fashion designing was. But now people want to wear stylish and unique clothes. Back then people just used to follow others. These days, every week there is a new fashion trend.”

She recalled that managing the shop was also very challenging in the initial days as her employees would sometimes steal clothes. She had established a tailor shop partnering with her friend. They even sold their golden ornaments to finance the shop. “It was a very challenging days for us when we had to look after our family and business at the same time.” 

Boutiques are mushrooming these days, and it is a challenge to sustain new boutiques in this competitive market. Explaining the reason behind, she said: “It is very hard to get skilled employee and those who become skilled after working for some time, prefer to go abroad.” At her boutique, one can get any ladies outfit custom designed, from casuals to traditional and party wear. 

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