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Published On: February 1, 2018 12:54 PM NPT By: Shraddha Gautam

Fake confidence until it becomes yours

Fake confidence until it becomes yours

It may seem absurd at first if I tell you that you could trick your own brains into doing things that you have always wanted. Most often, your perceptions about events and circumstances are based on what you’ve seen and experienced in the past.

Let me begin with a simple question - are you afraid of raising questions in class?  If the answer is yes, you are amongst the 70 percent of your classroom population. A majority of students feel the same way. Most often children who have never asked a question in class also claim to have this phobia. That is because while they are in school, classmates tell them that it is a frightening experience. On the contrary, the others who dare to ask questions for the first time feel uneasy and stop thereafter. Both ways, the children end up not belonging to the smarter section of the class group. 

Yet, there are many who wish that things were different. Is this entire experience of having and not having the phobia under your control? Yes, it is. Here, I am going to ask you to try on this simple exercise in order to experience the difference.

 First, believe in yourself. If you have any kind of fright, then start by training your brains to believe in your capabilities. Remind yourself every single day that you are good at the required activity. If needed, use sticky notes as reminders. Your brain will slowly process to perceive you as a different individual.

Second, take small steps towards improvement. Make a conscious effort to ask a question per week in class. Slowly, increase the number to two questions per week. With progress, you should be asking at least two questions in a day. Remember, the key to achieve your goal is regular practice.

Third, fake confidence, if you are not confident enough. It is not easy to sound and look confident but make it a practice to fake confidence while you perform the exercise. It will require an extra effort but is worth the return. The last step is crucial, as it will provide you an experience of what it feels like to be good at something. Also, it will motivate you further on.

This way you are tricking your brains into acting in a manner that you desire. Moreover, you are ready to step into the competitive world with an extra skill set that only 30 percent students possess. Remember, in order to create magic, you need to believe in the magic.  Good Luck. 

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