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Published On: October 17, 2019 12:04 PM NPT By: Sushant Thapa

Facebook friend

Facebook friend

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I was so unaware of our friendship. How could I be aware, that I would receive a request from you? Everything began as a disclosure and concealed my reality at that time. I had to be open to you from the vantage point, where my life had led me to. I stood with nothingness then; I had lost my desire to love someone and had crushed my love along with the dried fallen leaves on the payment that I used to step with someone, who I considered to be close enough. I never could change my inner self and the outer appearance for that person. I know that looks can be deceiving; but once it came from the core of the heart, it could change the appearance. But, it didn’t happen.   

My time was stuck. As I was scrolling through, I found you waiting to be accepted as my friend. I never knew that friendship could wait for anyone, at that time. Waiting to be accepted is diluted the moment I accept you. Till this point I had no strings attached to you. The exchange of ideas and the creating of a new self, through communication is what I enjoyed in the beginning. Talking about one’s interest was like rejuvenating something that I did not hold on to in the past. The rejuvenation kept me ignited and I enjoined with the task to daily impart my inner self which was kept at bay and withholding the worse that could have happen to my lonely self I formed a montage. I had tried to build a literary block in myself from the past. It was a past time activity and a time pass activity too.

Slowly, I began to move away from my inner delusions and began to personify myself with the world around me. I began to receive and react to semblance of ideas. Be it, being active on a group where I could ask people with institutional access the PDF versions of the books that you wished to read, be it on a group of ‘English Literature’ which is my subject in academia. I even started composing relevant quotes and submitted poetry written long ago, here and there, and even composed some fresh work.  I was active on something that was not present around me, but which was present and which belonged to the social. Yes, you made me able to connect with the strangers who I never would dare to meet in my life, by making the world of Facebook alive. I was learning to accept what I was not and I was gaining momentum in my life from the social media. It only needed you, as a friend on Facebook who would talk to me every now and then and who would react to my every post, back then I desired to decorate my Facebook wall with great posts of relevance to me.

I got to rejuvenate myself and find myself among the ones who were only a computerized data to me, before some time. I began to compose from my memory and I had the confidence in me that my writing would get a platform. When you commented on my blog post and said that the post was fabulous I believed you had read every bit of it. I sent it to the platform where they have no problem, if a personal blog had published that story. These are the bits of my friendship with you that I am writing today. It seems like only yesterday when you have started to know me closer in person. You are that personality, who is real for me in the world of unreal so called real friends. I am not that social but I can write about you and how social we have become with Facebook. I can impart it, and see if the world cares to react on it or not. Just like the reaction on Facebook. I would say it is my obsession to think and talk about the reaction symbols on Facebook but, we know right that we have feelings attached to it?  

And the most important thing is that the wow’s and love in the reaction can kindle something in our heart. It is a symbol of appreciation and it exactly conveys our reaction sometimes. Dear Facebook friend, we have come closer. I do not know if we will be able to give a name to our relation later. May be after knowing my past you would want to cut off with me. I am impatient about it. Therefore, I am talking about you here. But, your name is a mystery to the readers whoever wishes to read this particular writing of mine, dear Facebook friend. I want it to become a mystery for now. We have constructed our own social in the Facebook and I want you to be part of that, and never make me feel not lively about being on Facebook or connecting with the world. Even through news, op-eds and literary works published in various media by people, you are my motivation to study them.

I can feel those works are very lively now. It has become my hobby to appreciate them and find the basic connection with those works and people who don’t seem to be real but alive in the social media. I consider them to be my friends, just like you. But, I have begun writing this piece and you are definitely special to me, in my perception. You are the sky of my unseen world, where you reside and I dwell on the path of it, I am approaching you too so don’t let the grimace console you when I talk about these new friends on social media. We talked about how we liked to share the bits among each other on a personal level too. Maybe it is the optimistic side of our friendship which may bring manifold layers of manifestation, just like this piece here. Even on Facebook we shall continue to enliven the posts and conquer our present. Well, I cannot promise something more for now, but every present of mine as in activity or feeling I have shared will remain active as my Facebook wall. This is not the end, dear Facebook friend. I have come from my past into this age of fresh news, views and development which is so near to us. No, this is definitely not the end.


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