Published On: May 31, 2018 10:16 AM NPT

Exhibiting traditional and modern Chinese art

Exhibiting traditional and modern Chinese art

Han Hua (Acculturation), a painting and calligraphy exhibition by Chinese artists, began from Sunday in Park Gallery, Pulchowk. The exhibition also marks the celebration of International Youth Creative and Cultural Week. Calligraphy, ink painting, and contemporary painting are the three segments of the exhibition. Each segment features three artists.

Calligraphy of artists Cheng Zai, Lin Pengcheng and Wang Qi portrays an individualistic approach to Chinese letters using black ink in white and yellow paper. Though the meanings of characters may be unclear to visitors who don’t understand Chinese, the letter placement and character strokes will leave them at awe. 

Meanwhile, artists Jiang Qigu, Ma Bangle and Xie Jingyu have played with various color tones in the ink painting segment. Xie Jingyu has used animals such as cheetah, squirrel, cat fish, tiger etc in realistic form. The stroke of brush and the expression of the animals are impressive as he has just use three colors—black, brown and white.Ink painting closely resembles calligraphy.  

The contemporary painting section displays a subtle use of vibrant colors. In one of the exhibits, Pu Jin depicts females with no facial features. Instead, the artist conveys various moods through their body language. His brush strokes are confident and strong yet the females painted on canvas are elegantly presented. His painting ‘Flower House’ displays a confident woman surrounded by flowers in abstract form where green and yellow hues dominated the painting.

The exhibition continues till Friday.

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