Published On: September 26, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Every rejection pinches heart

Every rejection pinches heart

There are challenges in life

It breaks you down but that's how we learn to dive

It's also an opportunity to thrive

Most often it's about mindset so learn to use the knife.


You'll go through obstacles in life

It's nervewrecking but there's no choice

If only you are determined you'll pass through it

If there's doubt you'll will question on your ability. 


There are times when you're most alone

The darkness in life might held your collarbone

No one to understand what you're going through

You might feel like digging grave but life has other plans for you to rue.


It's not easy to come out of it

Every rejection pinches heart that doesn't know easily to sew it

It takes enormous courage to calm down the ego which has been hurt

And whosoever can do it will be the one to move further beyond comfort.

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