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Timalsina is studying in A level at Budhanilkantha School, Budhanilkantha.

Published On: April 10, 2018 08:58 AM NPT By: Prashant Timalsina

Ever changing dreams

Ever changing dreams

Every individual have their own dream in their life. I too have a dream in life but its ever changing. Never at pause. It all began when I started to consider being a doctor. I was largely fascinated by the respect that doctors get in our society and also by the movies where they say “Operation Successful!!!” after an surgery goes well. So that’s how I set my first aim in life.

But it was only till my late childhood. Then I witnessed my interest toward technology. Moreover, my friends used to call me “techno-man” because I was good regarding new technologies. With no doubt, I was intrigued by the lavish lifestyle of IT professionals. Therefore, I changed my dream from being a doctor to an IT professional.

Soon, I started to feel development wouldn’t reach its apex, if there wasn’t process of engineering. And development is ever running in process. Therefore, engineers have an eternal scope regardless of their location and age. Furthermore, engineers earn good money as well as have time for other recreational activities. This new thought gave birth to a new dream and that is to be an engineer. Now again for second time my dream was changed.

I was so annoyed by the condition transitional phase of my country. And I thought that our country needs a loyal and educated leader with whom we all Nepali can work hand-on-hand to build our nation. Being good at giving persuasive dialogues and also the want to work for my motherland, I find political leader it is, the best career option for me. And now I changed my dream for third time to be a political leader.

But the problem is my parents. They aren’t going to allow me to be a political leader. So, I thought to be something that my parents admire and gives me lots of name and fame. After searching on Google, I figure out that it would be a dentist. I again started to dream to be a dentist. 
And I am absolutely sure that it’s going to be replaced by another dream soon. Having flipping through different dreams and aims in life, what I analyzed is, we change our dreams according to our interests and our interests change according to our acknowledgements. Hence, I have a dream in my life and I am sure that I will be somebody one day.


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