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Published On: June 29, 2020 03:14 PM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Even if breathe leaves us apart

Even if breathe leaves us apart


This is the day when I met you
You were sitting next me and I had no clue
That you would be the girl for whom I would be falling in love with
Oh my heartbeat it's so crazy remembering now, don't you think it is? 

I don't know what pulled me towards you
I don't know why I started loving you since the first day when I saw you
Might be your simplicity or might be your interest towards me 
That matched and here we are attached despite having times of blue.

The one year has passed with many emotions attached
Though there are no many memories created together that could have hatched
But with few I lived, smiled, even got hurt and cried
It has not been easy to go through it but was meaningful to treasure in all those strides.

I dreamt of you every time
Woke up in the middle of something and wrote some lines
Almost every moments you were with me
Though you might not know it but your imaginative presence was there

Even if the tree was cold in the months of January.

I have loved you and I love you
I have respected you and I respect you
I wanted to marry you and I want to marry you
You were the one and you're the one
Oh darling it's on you to commit and decide

Whether we could be evergreen living together even if breathe leaves us apart.

slammed, decide, apart,

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