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Essence of life in nature

Essence of life in nature

Artist Samjhana Rajbhandari's painting exhibition 'Image of Life' is on exhibition at GG Machaan, Pulchowk, Damkal Road. The exhibition began on December 23, 2018.

Rajbandari has used the motifs from nature such as trees and stones to depict the simplicity of life. About her work she shared, "In my work, I tried to express the interrelation and similarities between human life and elements of nature. The life cycle of a tree and how trees respond and adapt to the changing environment around them is comparable to that of a human. Happiness, sadness, victory, failure and struggle are aspects of life that I depict through trees. As nature changes its course with time, human beings too have varied phases.”

She approaches her motifs in minimalistic way and her choice of color is vibrant yet subtle. In one of her painting she has used hues such as yellow, red, green and blue. She has captured the autumn vibes where the leaves have turned orange and yellow. Then there is blue sky and the ground is covered with green grass. The scene is serene and gives a feel of tranquility.

Moreover, in this exhibition she has not only used trees but stones as well. And stones are her recent discovery as her motif while painting. According to her some stones are walked over and tossed around every day whereas some stones are carved into statues of powerful beings and worshiped or turned into precious jewelry. She added, “The same element can hold different value in different forms and that inspired me to use stones in my painting. ‘Images of Life’ is a depiction of the accumulation of moments and incidences that shape the life of every individual.”

The exhibition continues till January 23.

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