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Published On: April 28, 2018 11:29 AM NPT By: Arjun Oli

Enticing beauty of Dhakeri botanical garden

Enticing beauty of Dhakeri botanical garden

NEPALGUNJ, April 28: The beauty of the botanical garden situated at Dhakeri along the East-West Highway seldom escapes the view of passersby. The garden is 26-kilometers away from the sub-metropolitan city of Nepalgunj. About 160 meters above the sea level and expanding over five hectares, the garden serves as a place to conduct botanical studies, and survey and preservation on medicinal herbs.

Established in 1999, the garden has become a botanical conservation spot and a subject of study for researchers. “Since this is the first botanical garden in Banke, it has high prospects for the district. It may significantly boost local tourism,” said Sunil Kumar Acharya, chief of District Botanical Office. "Various developmental programs related to botanical production and management are also conducted here," added Acharya.

Bus, jeep, car or other means of transportation are available for rent for sightseeing of the garden. Many activities are being additionally conducted here with an aim to preserve biodiversity, including the preservation of orchid and various extinct species of flowers.

The botanical garden includes Shreekhanda garden, Banaspati family garden, Shaichhik batika, Jadibuti nursery and a cactus house, among others. “From students to researchers, visitors come here to see the garden for educational and entertainment purposes, contributing to promote local tourism," Acharya said.

The garden also consists of a preserved area. Preserved species of plants and herbs include Sarpagangha, Kuchila, Shreekhanda, Sikkakai, Apamarga, Bojho, Bel, Amala, Karilo, Betlauri, Aank, Rajbriksh, Kali Musli, Tejpat, Sitalchini, Sontata, Sindur, Khayer, Anantamul, Gudmar, Simaltarul, Bijayasal, Satisal, Arjun and Gurjo.

Similarly, with the establishment of information sector management, the garden has been aiming to raise public awareness on the preservation and importance of different species. Exhibition of varied species and preservation of germoplasm and honing the skills of the staff are kept in high priority to ensure full-fledged development of the botanical garden.

The department currently has a total of seven employees working to meet the objectives, while it aims at further promoting study of plants, medicinal herbs and taking national horticulture to the international arena.


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