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Published On: July 17, 2017 01:04 PM NPT By: Aayush Paudel

Embracing spring

Embracing spring

Spring is a season of innovation and embellishment, which evokes a positive spirit to a monotonous life. Spring is a season of re-incarnation for trees, which regain its life and enthusiasm after a long melancholy battle of winter.

Spring is a season of jollity- an especial occasion for birds to celebrate, as they are seen flying at a different pace, circling the levitating clouds in the bluest sky. It is a rare occasion in fact, as many species of birds appear during spring. These birds have their unique, soothing quality for singing, which I envy. Other small birds are seen leaping in gardens - like a frog near the water.

Spring is a season of color as every lackluster life regains their original appearance, like the petals of Rose and Chrysanthemum, Pansy and Geranium. The golden leaves falling from a bamboo tree further enlighten the color of spring atmosphere. Spring is the season that I adore to spend my time leisurely in the lap of nature - from early dawn to late dusk.

Every morning, when the sun appears just above the horizon, the birds are already awake, enjoying the changing color of the sky-dark to silver and then red to orange. The breeze of spring morning air refills my soul with positive energy and enthusiasm, making my ponderous body levitate and my lethargic spirit awake. When I’m out in the garden, walking barefoot, it feels like I’m walking into the world of paradise because the moisture present in the tiny leaves of grass and moss make me smile, as it heals my surreptitious pain like a natural tranquilizers.

The light of spring afternoon casts a beautiful spectrum in the atmosphere, the brightness that alleviates my sorrow and makes me feel like I’ve shed my burden. When this ray of light falls on the damp leaf, the blister of water subsisting at the tip of leaf, glistens like a crystal and gently disappears into the humid soil. The breeze of afternoon air brings multitude fragrance of flowers that bloom miles away in the hill. The mingled aroma of these flowers attracts honeybees and butterflies, which are seen hovering around the flowers all day long. I love to spend this time in the garden, watching the insects- mantis and grasshopper camouflage between green grasses.

Spring has the most beautiful evenings, which enrich the atmosphere with millions of colors that keep changing with time. It is the time for birds to return to their shelter, before the darkness blankets the clouds. So, the sky gets occupied with birds, chirping as they navigate their way back home. The sun changes its position to the opposite side of the hill, making the hill look like the part of heaven. The sparse settlement (houses) in the hill looks even beautiful, whenever the orange ray of setting sun falls on the roof of these houses. The humidity of the evening air pacifies the degree of heat and makes the surrounding moderate. Children take advantage of this very atmosphere and in return, spread laughter and jollity to make the surrounding more lively.

Golden leaves covering the playground are blown away from one place to another by the mild current of the wind. Finally, this beautiful moment mingles with the darkness that follows and makes me transiently blind. But my patience mollifies my palpitating heart and whispers into my ear, “There’s still tomorrow, my friend!”

Aayush is a Bachelor level student.

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