Published On: December 18, 2017 07:57 AM NPT By: Bhoj Kumar Dhamala

Ecological health and human behavior

Ecological health and human behavior

Ecology represents the surrounding we live in, whereas ecological health is the care of our environment. In other words, it is the protection of the green environment around us. There is a part and parcel relation between human and ecology. Ecological health and human behavior is the study about the relationship of humans and their natural, social and built environments. Particularly, it refers the undisturbed natural space by human beings.

Ecological health is determined by human ambitions and behavior. Human behavior is not environmental friendly. It is keen to annihilate the ecological components to fulfill human’s skyrocketing desires, without realizing what might happen next worsening the environmental balance of planet earth. 

Uneven development projects, haphazard destruction of the forest for fodder and timber for furniture are contributing to the impairment in ecological health. Not only these, unhealthy settlement by migrants nearby forest areas, pollution, and illegal trading of timber also add to the environment’s plight.

People are dependent on multiple natural resources for their livelihood and their dependency is increasing in geometrical ratio causing a huge biodiversity loss. Many species of flora and fauna have already become extinct. Our know nothing attitude has lead to an un-repairable global crisis. The crisis includes accumulation of green house gases, rise in temperature, and melting of ice in the polar region. 

The low coastal settlements like Bangladesh, Maldives, and Caribbean islands are prone to get submerged into the sea bringing great lose to human civilization. If we do not rectify our behavior and ourselves in due time, balancing ecological health and human connection to it may become the real challenge.

It demands hermit like determination to human behavior to bring change in the ecological health. Reformation in policies of formal institutions, reflecting on cultural values and beliefs system, reducing consumption and population growth with sustainable development approaches, disaster risk management for health and managing other environmental health risks, enhancing ecological balance can help strengthening the balance between human behavior and ecological health. 

Ensuring healthy living to address psychological and physical needs of the community is the key to address the issues at hand. The environment suffers as we suffer and only eco consciousness among humans can lessen the environmental pain. Only actions will work. We have made a lot of promises. Now is the time to concentrate in the protection of our surrounding for our own well-being.


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