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Published On: August 2, 2017 11:35 AM NPT By: Republica

ECA for students’ mental, physical wellbeing

ECA for students’ mental, physical wellbeing

Humans are known as superior beings because we learn from our mistakes and grow. With the quest to excel in every possible way, humans have marked major advancements to benefit the way of living. Extracurricular activities (ECA), also known as co-curricular activities, are one of the major modifications in the education system that have proven to serve for our physical and psychological development. 
Acknowledging the fact that ECA ameliorates physical and mental wellbeing, majority of schools in the Kathmandu Valley are in quandary whether to include ECA in their school curriculum.
My City’s Sonam Lama asked the +2 students of Nobel Academy, New Baneshwar about their views on the role of extracurricular activity for a better learning and if schools should prioritize ECA courses in the curriculum.

Aliza Ghimire
Parrot learning and mugging up only gathers a confined knowledge, while ECA brings to us the knowledge extracted from pragmatic experience. Because this growth is crucial, the schools should primarily acknowledge its need and organize inter school programs to uplift the growth of students through interactions and hands-on learning.

Manish KC
ECA plays a significant role in every aspect of our life. It not only confirms an improved physical health, but also helps strengthen the psychological wellbeing. Since mere class room study is insufficient for an overall growth of the student, schools should highly prioritize ECA in the curriculum to ensure better learning.

Anukul Sapkota
Despite the growing importance of ECA in the international premises, we are still caught up in science and engineering trying to excel in academics. ECA is the key to revive the scope of sports, arts and other professions in Nepal. Schools play a prime role to inject the importance of ECA for students’ overall development. It is also equally important for the government to allocate budget in various ECA activities.

Kusum Nepal
Due to the preconceived notion of preferring book-based education, the scope of other professions has been stagnant. As a result, ECA is less prioritized and not mandatorily involved in the school curriculum. It nevertheless boosts mental and physical health if carried out on a daily basis. Since schools are the first home to students, these institutions should impart education, experience, confidence and recreation to students through ECA.

Kaustuv Khanal
ECA provides an opportunity for students to acknowledge and carve out interests in different work stations. Engaging in ECA has also proven to fight mental problems and reduce stress, it is fundamental that students should highly participate in ECA with schools providing a platform to encourage their hidden interests.

Renuka Ghimire 
Mental and physical health go hand in hand to make a healthy living. Though classroom education fosters our cognitive and analytical skills, our physical well-being is also equally important. Every task that we carry out in our daily lives is a part of ECA that establishes a smooth balance between our mind and body. I believe schools should not only conduct ECA as a formality, but make it compulsory at schools. 

Bishal Prasai
ECA is an inevitable part of school curriculum in every part of the world, but not in Nepal. Taking some time out from classroom education, ECA creates an interaction between our sensory organs, eventually providing an exercise to the entire body and mind. Schools should consider ECA a body as well as mind builder. 

Junu Regmi
It is only genuine that students’ interest varies in greater level. Students with different aptitudes can highly benefit from ECA. Moreover, it often helps relax the mind, which is an important aspect to conduct a smooth functioning brain. Since ECA also bolsters confidence, schools should pay serious attention to bring forth the hidden talents and interests of students.

Binisha Shakya
I definitely think ECA is necessary to add up a recreation to students’ daily routine. The world is getting narrow for book worms to sustain and ECA works as a medium to learn and interact through experience based knowledge. Because we also learn better from travels and excursions, I believe the schools here should make a proper balance in-between classroom study and ECA to deliver an improvised learning.

Rubika Koirala
ECA such as sports enhances physical strength, while quizzes and debates ensure psychological wellbeing. I thus find it important for the schools to give preference to such activities and conduct them on a daily basis with the assistance of proper trainers. Since an effective learning is an outcome of balanced interaction in and out of the classrooms, school amenities should compulsorily include ECA with parents encouraging their children to participate.

Bidur Karki
ECA is more of a prerequisite that ensures maintaining an international recognition of a country.  I believe it provides a platform to a diverse group of people and should be included as a course in the school curriculum. Although it would take time for ECA to make a firm scope, schools can make efforts by encouraging students to indulge in sports, arts and other activities.

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