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Published On: June 19, 2018 09:30 AM NPT By: Aman Poddar

Dreams in the Dawn

Dreams in the Dawn

In the childhood, 
I was told dreams in the dawn would come true.
And today, I saw dreams in the dawn
Dream of living in the nation of higher dignity.
But my fear of dreaming in the dream woke me up.
Dreams, only dreams in the dawn of years,
Only the old greatest history to remember
Of passed days when no one was able to bear
Brave and stronger heart with no fear.
Now, it’s time to think for the future than living in past.
Time to deal with problem than downcast.
Time to live a life with full of pride.
And time to change its clothes of tide.
I dreamed to see buildings here challenging Everest.
I dreamed to see people enhancing Humanity.
I dreamed my nation with null corruption.
And my nation with honest mind and beliefs.
I wrote this poem to awaken my sleeping friend
Who is having a nightmare of losing hopes.
Because my pal lost his thoughts of sense.
So, let me help him through my dreams of dawn.


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