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Published On: May 12, 2018 09:56 AM NPT By: Republica




Dreaming, on the cloud nine to be
How shall it feel? And what contentment means?
And whom shall I care for? Whom besides me?
And what be the definition? Of giggles and grins!

Dreaming, what mad in love they say?
Is it a myth? Or the truth that they speak?
If truth, when be my time? When be my day?
Or is it not for people like me? People they entitle sick!

Dreaming, what being normal feels like, what normal is?
What mental fitness means? What life it be?
And what it is without depression pills? What life of ease?
And how would you feel? If you were me!

Still dreaming, if there be life after death
And if there be, shall there be joy? Shall there I fit?
This one time I stop dreaming, this one time I choose the faith
As after these few words, this life I quit!



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