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Published On: May 12, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Dream right now

Dream right now

No matter how good or best you look now

No matter how talented or extraordinary you're

No matter from where or whom you belong to 

You're going to rot soon if you fail to maintain consistency to nurture through.


Life always don't go as per recommendations

It has its own rules, no matter how much you deny you'll have to go through its schools

You are going to junk soon if you are fooling around like a lazy goon 

So do the part of your ritual and move, no matter how much you dislike you need to learn to groove.


My folks, even if you stay idle for a mere seconds

Remember there's someone who is working harder even in chains

You cannot just make a bunch of jokes of your achievements

As soon as you do, remember it's gonna stale and someone from the thrash shall sail.  


Opportunity in life is like a river

Everyone gets a chance to taste it

But it's on you to take as soon as it approaches

If you miss while laying on bed then don't complain that he's so lucky that his life rocks and my life sucks.


Sow the seeds of your passion even if you have to in rocks

You never know the miracles that can happen just only by your genuine efforts

Believe in the power of your imagination and dream right now 

As the world you live today was the dream of those who never stopped believing in the power of plough.


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