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Published On: April 27, 2021 02:20 PM NPT By: Basanti Timalsina

Dragonflies don’t visit me anymore

Dragonflies don’t visit me anymore

It was many years back
I was barely six when I used to run through fields
and chase dragonflies,
especially those huge red ones were my favorite.
I marched through marshes and mud
to take a closer look at them when they rested on twigs and leaves
I would tiptoe cautiously to prevent any movement and noise.

They would always fly fast before my fingers could touch their wings
Maybe their huge bulging eyes could see me behind
But few times I managed to trap them
I would take a long look at them
Their colors amazed me
I liked the coarse feel of their wings
Their huge eyes rolled faster as if they were scared
I would tire them and keep them struggling
Before I let them go.
I never stopped my chase for dragonflies
They would always show up after the rainy season
in many colors,
and in many patterns and shapes.

When I was in my 20s, I still looked around for red dragonflies
But I no longer chased them
I realized their number had dwindled
I noticed that they rarely showed up when the rainy season was over
Maybe I no longer went looking for them in the fields and meadows
Or maybe it is because there were no fields or meadows around.

Although they showed up rarely
they still got me excited
And would take me to my childhood days
When I used to chase them tirelessly.
But now, even after the rainy season is over
I don’t see them flying around.
These days, dragonflies don’t visit me anymore,
but their flights and colors are imprinted forever in my mind. 


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