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Published On: April 9, 2019 09:10 AM NPT By: Sandhya Adhikari

Don't fall for me

Don't fall for me

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Don't fall for me.
Because I read more and more and I will read you.
Because I will make you my writing piece.
Because I think and keep on thinking; I may contemplate on your single hair for hours.
Because I know that I know nothing; I will confuse you but then I am certain for me.
Because I laugh when I am sad; cry when I am angry; I know to turn my spirit into flesh.
Because I am aware of my gracefulness; no matter the feature of my face or my body.
Because, I am fanatical, poignant, transparent and aweless.
And, terrible of all I fall for poem; I can spend days pondering paintings or just anything; and ain't able to live without music.
Don't you ever wish to fall for woman like me.
Because, whether I stay with you or not, whether I could fall for you or not.
From a woman like me, you never come back. 

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