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Published On: November 27, 2017 09:13 AM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Do you love to teach?

Do you love to teach? Have you ever thought of teaching? Well, you might or might not; however, if you ask me, yes I have thought about it many times but was not sure how to teach.

I want to be a mentor. There is one particular reason for that. While I was in school/ college I did not like some teachers, not because of their physical appearance but due to their teaching methodologies. Also, some of my teachers weren’t encouraging and motivating. They would bring sticks to punish if I made mistakes, thinking if kids are punished they would study and perform better. 

My school days just went by in fear of punishment from my teachers. And, to rote learn to pass the examination. I wished my teachers would encourage me, motivate me in the work and studies that I have to deal with. I wished they would guide me without judging my capabilities of not being able to cope up with the students who would get good marks. Rather they would guide me in a loving way and show the way that my interest and study intersect.   

Later in life, I realized that if you really want to excel in any profession you need an experienced mentor who would guide you as well as help you sharp your talent and skills in such a way and show you the platform where you can exercise your learning.  I wished to get one but unfortunately till date never found one. Instead, I learned by self and gained many insights of works that I am doing.

Now, I want to be a mentor of those students who are in need like the one I was desperate in my early days of life. I do not want them to go through all these as they have very less time and more things to do in their life. That’s why I want to contribute my share of expertise and learning to the community and kids for the betterment of everyone. 

That’s why I’ve applied for Teach For Nepal (TFN) and fortunately got selected. My training would start from February 2018, so in-between to utilize my time TFN arranged my internship at one of the Government school (Jana Uddhar School) located at the outskirts of Kathmandu. This school is run under the model of Collaborative Schools Network (CSN). CSN focuses mainly on four factors and they are school management, infrastructure, teaching quality and community relations.

I was there as a replacement teacher as one of the teacher (RajanMaharjan) went for his training for a week. I had to teach English to class 10, nine and eight.  I was skeptical of how would I teach and was afraid that how would the students take me. One of the teachers introduced me to the students and went off. Then I gave my introduction and asked them for theirs. I made them play games and this is how my first day went by. I applied this method in every class.

From next day, I would teach them and as soon as they would complete the class work I would again make them play the games. And, would make them perform their talents. From the very day, they liked me. As days kept going by, I realized that they love me too. They would ask me to take their leisure class as well.

I taught for a week and realized that all students are equal but the way they learn things vary according to their interests. As every class would have it, some were quick learners, some were like tube lights and some needed a little more attention, this school too had the same. However, with the little effort and attention of teachers, every student can gain quality education. 

you, love, teach,

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