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Published On: January 4, 2018 07:48 AM NPT By: Republica

Do you believe in your stars?

Do you believe in your stars?

If we were to be given a superpower, a power to see the future does not sound so bad. We can know if the decision we take will be for the best or the worst, or if we should take that decision at all. While living in such supernatural world is an intriguing idea, we are only humans. But that has never stopped us from being fascinated by the possibility of knowing what our future holds for us. There is a big chunk of people who believe in things like tarot card reading, fortune-telling and mostly horoscopes.

There are altogether 12 different zodiac signs and more than seven billion of people in the world. A single sign is shared by hundreds of millions of people and the probability of a horoscope in a newspaper or a website telling the future of every individual correctly is disputable. It all comes down to your faith in them, if you will believe them to be true, they will and if not, they won’t. Regardless of the possibility and how practical you are in life, if given a chance, you will definitely be intrigued to read the horoscopes. My City team asked a few of people how often they checked their horoscopes and how much they believed in them.

Monica Lohani, BBS 3rd year student, Aquarius

I check my horoscope almost everyday. I love to read what the stars and planets have to say. I mostly check them on newspaper, and online too. I also check tarot card readings. But I don’t believe in it completely. Sometimes it matches, but most of the time it does not. If it says good things about me, I love to believe it but if it has only one or two stars, I just flip the page to read more interesting things and just forget about the stars. 

Dipika Shrestha, Self-employed, Aries

I check my horoscope readings quite often, and I watch them mostly on YouTube. I don’t completely believe in fortune telling. They can’t be true for every Arian or others. I believe in the personality traits, and I do find some resemblance with my life every now and then. I mostly just read what my horoscope has to say and follow some of their advices on how to handle some situations, deal with people and react in difficult situations. It’s fun and helpful sometimes. However, I think our future is in our hands and we can shape our future as we want.

Gyan Bahadur BK, MA 4th semester student, Aquarius

Yes, I do check my horoscope every day, and I read them online. I believe in them but not completely, it’s more like a 50-50 situation. For me to believe in them depends on the situation. If things match just like what was written in the horoscopes, I believe them. If not, I don’t. May be I will start believing more if all of what I read turns true all the time. But I know that is not going to happen.

Kabir Tuladhar, Tour operator, Virgo

No, I don’t read what my horoscope has to say. If I ever do, I give it a glance on newspapers. I don’t believe in the readings much. I’m a bit religious, so I believe that the stars and the moon have some role to play in our lives. It seems to be connected somehow. When I see things unfolding just the way it was written in the papers, I start believing in them. As of now, I don’t follow it quite well.

Deepti Paudel, BALLB graduate, Virgo

I used to be a fan of horoscope readings, but not anymore. I don’t check them nor do I believe in them these days because zodiacs just represent our characters based by our signs. There are just 12 signs and millions of people in the world share the same sign. I don’t think it’s the actual representation of who we are or what we do. It certainly helps people to cheer up and to lift their moods, but I wouldn’t rely on them fully. I believe in astrological birth charts more than the horoscope readings.

Bipana Shrestha, Administrative officer, Cancer

I read my horoscopes almost every day in the newspaper. Sometimes I also use the Hamro Patro app and some online sites to check my horoscope, mostly when I have to look up predictions for the month or the year. In the morning, before I start my day or something new, I check my horoscope hoping for some clues for things to do and not to do, and about situations that I should be careful about. But I never keep a check of how true the horoscopes are. 

Dipkamal Bhusal, AI engineer, Aquarius

Sure I do check what my horoscope has to say, but not on a daily basis. I don’t regularly check my horoscope but if I have newspapers in front of me, I never miss to check it. But I don’t really believe in horoscopes, and also I don’t believe that the predictions always come true. I know many believe in them and many don’t. There’s a debate on my mind on whether our lives are probabilistic or deterministic. I’m yet to figure out where I stand on the debate.

Basanta Shrestha, Shopkeeper, Scorpio

I check my horoscope once a week. I read them mainly in newspapers. Well, sometimes I believe what has been written and sometimes I don’t. And I don’t think they always come true. There is only a slight chance that what is written in the newspapers match with what actually happens. They are all only predictions based on some general characteristics. It will take much more than that for me to believe that our future can be predicted. 

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