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Published On: June 26, 2017 10:15 AM NPT By: Anmol Kharel

Do schools kill creativity?

Do schools kill creativity?

Schools are supposed to be the place where we learn and develop all around and not just in academics. Yes, academics are important but that do not solely define your ability and I feel the schools in our country haven’t realized this yet.

School time starts from early at six and ends at six in the evening. When children spend 12 hours in school, it is likely that they are given many assignments to do at home cutting off their time to do creative works. The punishments that one receives for not completing one’s assignment add to another agony. So if someone wakes up at 5am, goes to school at 6am, returns home at 6pm, all they could do  after a tiring day is have a good sleep. However, they are flooded with many homeworks that compel them to stay up late to finish them. After six stressful days, there comes the weekend where you think that you could at least have the chance to spend the weekend according to your wish, wouldn’t you? But that’s where you’re wrong.

Schools drown students in projects and home works. It seems like all students have time for are studies which pressurizes them to study and get outstanding grades. Aren’t we supposed to take some of the decision of our lives on our own? Are we not supposed to follow our passion?

Aren’t we supposed to find our passions and pursue them as teenagers? The workload and guidance are highly imposed that we don’t even have time to acknowledge and cultivate our passion. Even if someone finds their passion and tries to pursue it, there will be ‘counselors’ who will tell you to go the other way and focus on your studies because you need to think about your future. Some who listen to these ‘counselors’ end up as sad adults filled with regrets and drown in the world of what could have been.

Schools do kill creativity and passions. So, it’s high time a change be introduced in our ‘system’. Because all our ‘education system’ is doing right now is killing dreams of the country’s future while they silently watch with their hands tied to the back by their parents and ‘society’ applauds and gives out a evil smirk.

The writer is a SEE graduate.

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