Published On: January 25, 2019 06:53 PM NPT By: Aditya Neupane

Do not tolerate violence against women

Do not tolerate violence against women

In past few years sexual women-harassment in public transportation has increased drastically. Though concerned authorities are working to address the issue, harassment cases are not decreasing and still females reluctant on reporting such activities. Recently, a video of man masturbating and ejaculated in female’s hair in social media has made the public furious. Various celebrities are also highlighting the issue via social media. K-Town Actor Reecha Sharma took to Facebook on Friday to raise voice against harassment in public transport. She posted a poster reinforcing intolerance against any harassment and raising voice against such activates.

Due to the intense transportation woes women are especially harassed in jam-packed public transportation where the fraud goes unnoticed. As per the Country Criminal (Code) Act 2017, Section 224(1) No person shall commit, or caused to be committed, sexual harassment to another person. Complying with it, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner’s Office (MPCO), Ranipokhari launched a sting operation ‘Safety Pin’ campaign to monitor and discourage sexual harassment on public transport from August 2, 2017. The operation is regulated on different phases in every six months. As per the statistics released by the Women and Children Cell under MPCO, 52 suspects under Phase I and 144 under phase II were arrested for obscenity and sexually harassing female passengers on public places, including public transport.

You might notice offensive activities in public transportation. But the question is do you report such activities? If a person files complaint via toll free number with an early and detailed description of the vehicle number, the nearby police beat can be informed to immediately arrest the culprit.  In an earlier conversation with Republica, DSP Anjana Shrestha, Women and Children Cell, MPCO said that police barely receive complaints via the toll-free number and Hamro Police App that are for public use. This clearly which shows that people are still hesitant on filing a complaint.

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