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DIY Denim bags from old jeans:

DIY Denim bags from old jeans:

Making bags from old jeans is one DIY project that appeals to most of us who stockpile old jeans. There so many old jeans in our cupboard - some torn in all the wrong places, some not fitting anymore, some too short, some not fashionable enough. One thing quite common in all of them is that they’re all waiting for some easy recycling.

Recycling your old jeans into denim bags (Old jeans bag adding another fabric):

You can combine other dressmaking materials with denim from old jeans to make your DIY bag an interesting one. Here are the steps to make a denim bag adding some cuts of another fabric to it.

  • Cut out the leg portion of the jeans for this and cut it open on one side seam
  • Open it up
  • Join the other fabric to the cut open edge ( the hem will be the upper edge of your bag)
  • Make straps from the upholstery fabric – just cut out the length you want and width you want and turn under the side edges to the inside and top stitch on either side.
  • You can also do some embroidery or appliqué on the denim at this point to match the fabric.
  • Cut out small hexagonal shaped denim tab pieces to cover the strap stitching. Stitch in place
  • If you wish to add a lining to this bag, make a smaller lining bag of the same shape, with some extra for the top edge.
  • Finish the band and hem its upper edge.
  •  You can add snaps or Velcro as opening to the lining bag at this point
  • Keep the lining bag to the inside of the finished bag and then hand stitch the lining bag top edge to the main bag hem.
  • Your DIY denim bag is ready. You can add some extra decorations to your bag as per your wish.


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