Published On: January 29, 2020 04:53 PM NPT By: Sangita Shrestha

Different aspects of life in detail: Passage of Time

Different aspects of life in detail: Passage of Time


Life is all about experiences and changes. Then, with time, change is inevitable. Depicting his life experiences and the inevitable changes that occurred in his life, an art exhibition 'Passage of Time' by artist Krishna Lama began on Saturday at Nepal Art council, Baber Mahal.

In the exhibition, he has showcased —how it feels and what he understands about his life’s journey— from the past to present along with contemplating the future.

In one of his paintings, he has depicted his concern, symbolically over the space the future generation might have to live in. Krishna who is a father now, through his painting is questioning the space his daughter might use in her lifetime. Moreover, the paintings are about shared feelings, emotions, love and fear, which the couple shared during the pregnancy and even after pregnancy.

In the painting, a human figure is at the center of the canvas as if meditating, amid a chaotic environment. However, in one hand it is holding a flower while in another hand there is an excavator. Then, inside the figure he has created concrete buildings and limited open space. Moreover, the backdrop is a web like structure in black and white hues with fish bones.

His paintings are surrealistic where elongated human figures symbolize how far humans can stretch to get luxuries of the materialistic world. Likewise, surfing fishes, sunflower, toilet commode, etc. are the key motifs used in his paintings to express his thoughts.

This is his third solo exhibition and he has explored his core being. The exhibition has become a reflection to understand his personal life and his psyche about all the changes that had happened and is going to occur.

About the exhibition, he shared, “This exhibition is the combination of nostalgic memories and multiple thoughts that occupied my mind. The aesthetic contents of my painting are contained memories that hold a moment, changes in surroundings, changes in life style that hold the memories of then and now, times passes by, how preferences can change and so on. Similarly, things which mattered to me the most then have no value now.”

He added, “I realized that as a father, having a baby is joy while facing challenges and spending countless sleepless nights thinking about your younger generation. Have we made the right choice or the wrong ones? All of my painting shows both positive and negative aspects of these things.”

The exhibition continues till Saturday.

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