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Dibesh Karmacharya wins Tiger Pitch

Dibesh Karmacharya wins Tiger Pitch

KATHMANDU, Nov 23: The first ever ‘Tiger Pitch’ event was organized by the US Embassy at US Embassy iHUB, Teku, this Tuesday. 

This event was organized to discuss the upcoming Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) from this November 28 to 30 in Hyderabad, India. Six Nepali speakers participated in the event to pitch their policies or law glitches that hindered entrepreneurship in Nepal and suggested the reforms accordingly to alleviate the problems. Three members of the judging panel had the task to choose the winner among the six pitchers.

Dibesh Karmacharya of Centre for Molecular Dynamics Nepal, as the first pitcher, focused mainly on the disconnection between private and government sector businesses, and wanted these two sectors to join hands for the betterment of Nepali economy as a whole. 

Bibhuti Neupane from Anterprerana focused on the part about the youth vanishing from the country and suggested proper education about entrepreneurship for mainly undergraduate and graduate students rotating mainly on the education related to entrepreneurship. 

Abhiahek Malla of Sun Farm talked mainly about the issues between the Nepali farmers and the funders: where farmers have absolutely no ideas and the funders (banks) don’t believe in investing in that project. He explained some concepts about solar irrigation and the ambitious tasks he had taken to accomplish in the following five years.

Sibjan Chaulagain, the founder ICT for Agriculture, orated about the price hike done by the farmers against their customers. Suman Shakya of Rooster Logic, as the fifth pitcher, rotated around accountability and transparency to monitor and analyze business agencies and their economy. 
Sajal Pradhan of SmartPaani was the concluding pitcher during the event. She talked about a so-regarded efficient and inexpensive way to save money being wasted on water by proposing the policy of ‘groundwater recharge’, where the groundwater would be used properly to invest that wasted money elsewhere.

Dibesh Karmacharya was declared the winning pitcher with Abhishek Malla as the runner-up. Michael Gonzalez, one of the three judges, gave a short concluding speech. These six pitchers will represent Nepal in the GES later this November in Hyderabad.

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