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Published On: September 29, 2019 09:00 AM NPT By: Sandeep Neupane



 Depression has sundry definition in different institutional books.A medical guy may term it as some biological disbalance, Vedic Vaidya may coin it as the lack of self-realization.

After all, it does not mean the closing the door and crying all day along, No!
Everybody has their way of depicturing the depression. In a comprehensive word, it is not seeing the world behind the rationale. Okay, let's delineate this in simpler language by writing into a story. This is the story about a student who was aesthetically diligence and distinct on his goal.

He worked hard and fortified well by all means for exam and everything went utterly fine until the results came out.

Guess what forget about the marks he was expecting he didn't even get pass mark.
He felt like the end of the world and his dreams, goals were imploded.  

There was no way out of this, he spent all day and night crying. Slowly he commenced to taking sleeping pills to get a peaceful sleep. Thankfully, he was blessed with a perfect friend circle. His close friends use to call him and talk some inane stuff.

They always gave him rationale to his acrid thoughts. Slowly after a week or so he embarked on avoiding pills those phone calls gave him hope and positivity.

A different side of the coin was exposed slowly by every phone ring, he found amenities gradually and peacefully. Those phone rings tinkered his thought process about the thin line between success and failure. In this case, those trivial rings were the remedies. Even in these onerous situation remedies remains the same. Beleaguered by different limiting factors which always affects our thought process.

In those conditions, even the slightest ray of hope can completely alter your life and drive towards the right alley. Depression, anxiety is an inkling that we need to hear, not treat them as the disease. Anxiety giving us the cue that we are not living the life of full potential. It hints towards the rationale which we avoid most of the times.

In strenuous condition Be We not You.

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