Published On: August 14, 2017 12:48 PM NPT By: Shuvechchha Ghimire

Degrading Quality of Satire in Gaijatra Mahotsav 2074

Degrading Quality of Satire in Gaijatra Mahotsav 2074

It is always fun to watch prominent actors like, and not limited to, Kiran KC, Shivahari Paudel, Rajaram Paudel, Deepak Raj Giri, Manoj Gajurel, Sangita Gurung and Deepa Shree Niraula on stage. Punch lines delivered by these actors are based on issues pertaining in the society and oftentimes an amalgamation of thoughts that has passed an audience’s mind. However, owing to the binding constraints of society, they remain unsaid. 

When these artists perform satire on-stage on a fearless manner, with their individual taste for improvisation, the whole of audience can instantly connect and resort to a laughter. Perhaps, that is the reason why these actors have stood out in the Nepali entertainment industry. 
The annual Gaijatra Mahotsav series, Gaijatra Mahotsav 2074 is being held at Pragya Bhawan, Kamaladi. The show is organized every year with the involvement of prominent comedians. With the passing years, however, Gaijatra Mahotsav has lost its charm to ill-thought scripts, out-of-context satires and the actors’ propensity to seek undeserved appreciation.

It is understandable that Gaijatra Mahotsav, by its name, is supposed to provide for actors to pick on issuesand point out the barbarity surrounding them. To achieve that, one could call names, make mountains out of molehills and so forth. However, the type of comedy showcased at Gaijatra Mahotsav 2074 this year seems to undermine the main idea behind the show. It extensively talks trash about Nepali government and population in general.

The platform, which once used to be a place for actors and scriptwriters to come together to inform and humor audiences, has been limited to being a marketing tool for individual actors/performers in the recent days. 

For instance, the final performance of the show on Saturday saw actress Deepa Shree Niraula promoting her up-coming movie ‘Chhakka Panja 2’ without really giving justice to the character she portrayed. Not only that, Manoj Gajurel’s impersonation of President Donald Trump—owing to a weak story plot—appeared more like a boast on the actor’s part. While it helps if the actor is proficient at what he does, impersonation alone could not satisfy the audience eager to see Gajurel give something of value. 

Logically speaking, how credible is it that Trump comes to Nepal and attacks the country on its stagnant infrastructural development? There certainly could have been better storylines when it comes to attacking important national issues like the infrastructural stagnation and social challenges.

While the narratives certainly try to incorporate a bigger and positive message, out of the blue political satires in vague plots are oftentimes not welcome to the audience.

Moreover, the performances on Saturday did not coordinate very well with each other. It could’ve been because few prominent actors these days are increasingly busy with directing and working double time. However, it is still not a reason why the audience has to pay and stay for two hours of ill-coordinated satire. 

To an audience exposed to the long legacy of the show, it seemed like the performances were put for the name of it, rather than to bring forth anything of value. If such tendency is to foster, it might not be long before Gaijatra Mahotsav becomes just another comedy show, failing to deliver depth on issues and humor.

The show is slated to conclude on August 19.

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