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Debunking five common Myths about fitness

Nowadays people consider external appearance as an important part of life due to which many youths tend to get in the six-pack race. Those fitness concerned youths might unknowingly get stuck reading fitness fiction and any bad advice regarding fitness can challenge your courage and hard work.

In a conversation with My City’s Aditya Neupane, famous Fitness YouTuber and the Founder of The Physique Workshop, Sushant Pradhan shared some common myths related to fitness which are listed below:

1. Rice is fattening:

Rice is one of the most common food products in the country and used heavily in our day to day life. Most of the people attribute rice for being overweight and start skipping their meals. But it is one of the most common myths related to fitness. Of course, rice is a good source of carbohydrate, which is responsible for the weight gain. But it is very essential for a person to intake an adequate amount of carbohydrate. Consuming a regulated amount of carbohydrate doesn’t make you fat. However, make sure that you are eating a moderate amount.

2. Eating at night makes you fat:

There is huge speculation in a fitness market that eating at night makes you fat. Because of this speculation that many fitness-concerned youngsters decide to skip their dinner. Skipping dinner is the worst decision for fitness because this may result in decrease in nutritional levels in the body. No matter what you eat, if you are eating it moderately, it is enough to maintain your physique but make sure that you are not consuming higher amount of calories.   

3. Morning workouts are more effective:

People have their own preferences. Some people like being active in the morning, while some exercise in the evenings. It’s always better to do workout as per your preference because in order to gain a better physique, it’s very important to put in your full effort. Don’t do it just for the sake of doing. So instead of working-out without interest, it’s better to choose a particular time when you can give your maximum effort.

4. Workout stops height growth:

People think that workout will stop height growth and this not true. There are various factors that are responsible for the height growth like hormones, genetics and diet. Meanwhile, workout actually promotes height growth by stimulating hormones which are responsible for the right growth of height. Hence, ‘Workout stops height growth’ is a ridiculous myth, so it’s better to join a gym instead of over thinking about your height growth.

5. Excessive workouts are better:

From generations we are being negatively taught that ‘excessive workouts are better’ and even a fitness newbie blindly believe this myth. However, the actual truth is that our body needs proper rest to recover from the muscles breakout created by workout. Hence, resting period is the time when actual the progress happens, so 45 minutes to one-hour workout in a day for five to six days in a week is more than enough for our body.

Three effective tips to stay fit

Though the fitness industry of Nepal has traveled a milestone, people are still deprived of proper guidance. Some people work out without any instructions and professional help. Well! If you are worried about not being able to gain a proper body shape, and hence planning to do it without any professional help, we have listed three essential tips that will help you to achieve your targeted goals:

1. Turn workout into a habit:

It’s easy to start workout but hard to give continuity to it. People start working out but give up sooner than the actual change is seen. But, once you turned it into a habit you will enjoy every second of it. Consider workout as part of daily life and doing it without random breaks will help you to meet your expectations sooner. 

2. Stay hydrated:

Most of the people don’t have habit to drink adequate amount of water, but when you are into workouts it’s very crucial to intake sufficient water in order to maintain body functions. Lack of water in the body might cause result in various consequences like abnormal blood pressure, cramps and improper digestion.

3. Get adequate sleep:

Sound sleep is very crucial for both physical and mental health. Workout just breaks the muscles and resting period is the time when actual progress happens, helping you to relax and heal the muscles. Not getting enough sleep can bring negative effects of your workout.




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