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Published On: August 23, 2020 09:13 AM NPT By: Rupsingh Bhandari

Dear Monsoon

Dear Monsoon

Dear Monsoon
From the first rain, 
you would have been waiting 
on the balcony 
looking at the way 
which, would have disguised 
already into the jungle’s  color. 
in front of your village.
When the shadow of lonely mountain 
comes to visit your village 
once in a day,
you might have been 
regretting my absence every day.  
When the waterless brooks 
started to sing
the rainy song in our divine village, 
you would have cried aloud leaning on the 
tree of the hill, soaked with rain,
mingling your tears into rain 
and cry into brook’s gorge. 
Dear Monsoon,
I am also badly missing you 
here in the city of crowds .
Where, no language is heard
except the language of money, 
as the rainy water’s urgency to escape 
across the cemented city,
the swarm of selfish people 
huddle to escape 
from each other’s eyes…
Dear monsoon, 
I am missing the rice paddy,
godly people in muddy fields,
emeralds like green,
patient hills,
 the hide and seek of earthy clouds…
and you…
looking at the rainy color in the city’s brook,
I mysteriously stretch 
into you.
I every day witness 
your serene music 
watching above the sky,
which comes near every day riding the
black and white clouds.
I remember all the fruits 
on rainy days, 
we used to eat before the birds.
The windows where you 
used to wait for me.
I know you might have tired waiting for me
in your window 
and hanging your heart there
you would have forgotten
all the days to count.  
I know, you would have finished 
all our memories singing alone
with the rainy song
Dear monsoon, 
wait till the next year dwelling around my village
I will return soon!


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