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Published On: April 13, 2019 08:00 AM NPT By: Astha Assin

Dear Maya!

Dear Maya!

The way how I walk in the path I choose

Maybe different than yours’

The way where I want you to be with me

May not be of your choice

We may not walk in the same path together

But!!......... But!!.........

The destiny we will reach will be the same

So, Dear Maya! Oh, My Dear Maya!!

Don’t worry about the path we walk

Let’s have the pleasure of the same destiny to reach

We may not have hand in hand in the journey we walk


The heart we do have will have the same beat

In our old age, yes!! In our old age!!

We will have different pages of stories in the same book

Yes same book “Journey to destiny”

You and I are destined for togetherness!

Dear Maya, We will create a book

with yours and my different stories

But!!  With the same cover

With the same love, we do have....

Love, Feelings,

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