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Published On: August 3, 2019 08:45 AM NPT By: Sujana Aryal

Dear Friend

Dear Friend

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 Like a freshly arrived spring after a gloomy cold winter,

 Like a newly made tune after a ruckus of numerous trials,

 Like a clear blue sky after days of heavy shower,

  You exude an energy so comforting and pure.


  From the very first time that we met,

  You left a mark in my heart I won't ever forget,

  Oh, you beautiful friend, do you know, maybe?

   How much I admire your candor greatly!


  In a faraway eastern land, amidst the crowding birds,

  Unlike many migratory that fly in a flock,

  A unique one you are, striving on a solo flight,

   Certainly oneday you will achieve a great height.


  But, there could be times when life hits you hard,

  Or sudden melancholic moments might push you down,

  I hope you keep faith and walk yourself through!

 Know that my heart will always be cheering for you.



















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