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Dayahang Rai’s another satirical play

Dayahang Rai’s another satirical play

It is the delusion of the modern time people that science and technology can make us happy and so is about money. At some point it gives materialistic pleasure but slowly and gradually, it turns out to be temporary. Even those possessing sufficient facilities are found to be in depression and other mental illness. Eventually, we’re living a dual life wearing a mask and acting as being perfect but inner side being empty.

As a satire to the emptiness of modernism, the new play entitled ‘Club 7’ was staged on Tuesday at the Mandala Theater, Anamnagar, Kathmandu. Directed by Dayahang Rai and Rajan Khatiwada, took the audience into roller coaster journey of life by showing three different stories at same setting, Club 7. 

The first story showed the nature of flashiness of modern people through the birthday party of a dog named Juily, where extravagant lifestyle of present time is shown brilliantly. Similarly second one was about family and relationship which is shown “degrading slowly”. The extra marital affairs, disrespect toward elderly people was depicted through various characters. The third story was most interesting than other as it revealed the true nature of the so-called prestigious people. The third party was about award ceremony for the artists where different high-ranking officials like minister, actors, writers, poets, directors, and musicians were present. This part depicts real faces of such people through various characters. While going through the play, it seemed, they all wore the mask of being gentlemen but they were corrupted and tainted in true sense.  

In overall, the plot, actor’s performance (though they were fresh), setting and sound effects on-stage were splendid. At the beginning of the play, at some point the audiences were not able to figure out the message from the actors’ performance. It seemed that the characters’ act looked unnatural for them. The play was the work of the sixth batch students of Mandala Theater, who completed three-month acting course there. 

The play is slated to continue till March 6 except on Monday.

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