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Published On: May 26, 2019 04:05 PM NPT By: Republica

Darshanbir Shakya ‘s Nagarasarvasva Launched

Darshanbir Shakya ‘s Nagarasarvasva Launched

Jagajyoti Malla, King of Bhaktapur once presented his counterpart,  Llitupr’s King, Siddhinarsing malla a scripture. Its name was ‘Nagarasarvasva’. The scripture is about ‘Kaama Shastra’ (the art of making love). The former king translated the book to Nepalbhasha. The book was later translated into different regional dialects.

Padmasgree created Nagarasarvasva ’. According to Sigmond Linhard, Padmasgree was a buddshist preist somewhere between the eighth and twentieth centuries. On the contrary, as per Amil Saahib’s book published in 2014, Padmashree was an 11th century priest.

Many things in the books are associated with Buddhism. In the first chapter, the Buddhist priest Manjushree is considered Kaamdev and hence offered prayers to. Likewise offerings to Tara result in the birth of children. It is also clearly mentioned that one should offer food to monks (as Sacrifice/daan). Despite his status of a Religious Leader, many cases portrayed in the scripture are against Buddhism’s main philosophy.

Satisfying a woman’s physical desires is considered as nobel. The statement completely contradicts the religion’s ideology where physical desires is enlisted as something to give up on.

Rajdhar Jha, translated the Naagarasarwaswa published in 1929. “ Sinche He (the author) was a monk, he wrote the entire book for betterment of people” he says.

The book is published by Eeloha Publications by the name Nagarasarvasva . Nepalbhasha journalist and philosopher Darshanbir Shakya is the author.




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