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Dailo: A friend you need

Dailo: A friend you need

Sometimes you are so busy that you cannot separate time for your chores. Be it standing in a hectic queue or picking and delivering things, all you wish for is a savior who will do those works for you at that time. Thankfully, there are start-ups like Dailo that does people’s chores as said.

Dailo is a personal assistant service where people post their task or simply give a call to get things done. In addition to this, it also works on picking and dropping items for businesses and providing some logistics support too if needed. Founded by Ipsha Sharma, Anup Sedhain, Meena Sherpa and Barun Pandey during the mentoring sessions of ‘Idea Studio Season 3’, the brand is grabbing attention among clients seeking for somebody to run their daily chores.

According to Anup Sedhain, co-founder, “Dailo is your friend. It runs errands, performs people’s daily chores, picks items and gets it delivered for the people.”



Initiation story
The co-founders of the brand met at AIESEC’s summit where they instantly got along and eventually, started their process of having a start-up that runs people’s errands. Meena Sherpa said that the four co-founders wanted to do something to help people in their daily lives. “We were a bunch of newbies and nobodies hoping to make a difference and what we learned the best was being able to do something,” Ipsha Sharma shared.  Being a start-up, they built a website over-night and started working the next day.


Challenges and overcoming
Despite the fact that the brand is newly established, they faced a lack of human resource during the time of inception. “At first, we were just the four of us uniting to make things work. We were in heavy need of people. Having limited workers and excessive numbers of tasks, it was quite tough to handle in the beginning,” Sedhain expresses.

Regardless of the hurdles that created blockades in their work, they were quite hopeful with their objectives. Pandey shares, “But for now, we are sustaining ourselves with what we have and we are trying to do the best. However, the struggle is real and there is a lot to gain for anyone who is willing to join us.”


Being a young brand, they want to bring changes that could be more efficient. Sherpa says that they want to change how people seek for services and get them properly. She further adds, “Zero waiting time and complete transparency that leading to user’s convenience is what we are trying to achieve. For that, we undoubtedly need to work on our back end system.”


Working Strategy
One can place the work order either by phone calls or through Dailo’s website. After the order is made, they get back to clients to enquire more about the task. The charges are depended on the time and travel distance. If a client requires a certain thing within a limited time, he/she is charged more accordingly. However, there is also fixed price depending on travel distances. Explaining further on the working strategy, Sharma explains, “A coat to be carefully delivered from Bhaktapur to Thamel within an hour may cost about Rs. 300 whereas the same coat can be delivered at 200 if given enough time. The cost of distance however remains constant throughout.”


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