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Published On: June 8, 2019 07:35 PM NPT By: Republica

Creating “bajauney” entrepreneurs via a digital platform

Creating “bajauney” entrepreneurs via a digital platform

Majority of the people traveling to Gulf countries are from remote mid western and far western region of Nepal. The reason to leave the home country is not the lack of skills but  no use of those skills in right place. In the country rich in tourism, ethno music is one of the attractions for most of the music loving tourists. However the ethno music is getting ignored due to the attraction of citizens towards western music and gradual ignorance of traditional musicians communities, also known as bajauney. Very low wages, less demand, less marketing and disconnectivity to the cities are the reasons behind slow extinction of local ethno music.

Sudarshan GC, a recent graduate of Biology paused his future studies of science to continue his initiative of preserving ethno music of Nepal via employment called Baja Nepal with his other 3 friends. Baja Nepal is a digital platform to connect the traditional musicians from different underprivileged parts of the country and needers. Baja Nepal is dreaming to reduce the unemployment and labor drain by registering most of the traditional musicians of Nepal under a single platform.

Baja Nepal is also branched to Nepalgunj to connect with more traditional musicians. The team believes that the disconnectivity of rural bajauneys to cities is the reason behind slow extinction of ethno music. They are trying to collaborate with different organizations to include almost all the traditional musicians from different regions, caste and culture. They are also publicizing Visit Nepal 2020 to attract more tourists via unique ethno music of Nepal.

 The team has also seen a great opportunity in connecting the disabled people of Nepal who are trained with different traditional musical instruments. They are trying to contribute for a discrimination free society. They are also trying to reduce the mediators to benefit the traditional musicians with satisfying income.
To register oneself as a traditional musician of Baja Nepal, one has to contact them via their phone number or Facebook or website. One can also refer someone who can be helped by the initiative. Anyone who needs traditional musicians for different events and ceremonies like wedding, bratabanda, welcome programs can be helped by this initiative.





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