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Crafting artistically

Crafting artistically

Art can be enunciated in any form desirable to its audience.  Its creative presentation can even change the dynamics of commodities considered to be waste. Straw is among many such discarded items. However, when they land in artistic hands, like those of Binay Kumar Shrestha, they transform into decoratives that woo spectators. 

Shrestha specializes in crafting straw strands into master art pieces like portraits, wall clocks, official logos, customized names, key-rings and greeting card. He has been practicing this art for the past three years. However, pursuing art as a full-time career was never his aim in life. Shrestha says he made a career switch from working in a travel agency to a straw artist. However, his initial days consisted mostly of struggles. 

“I went to a straw craft manufacturing office to find work. After completing a month-long training, I finally started creating my own artwork. But, when I submitted my work, the officers there always pointed out my flaws. Moreover, they only paid half of what I was promised. Sometimes I had to return empty-handed,” recalling his struggles, Shrestha explained.  

After going through the hard times, Shrestha again decided to quit his work but was convinced of the prospects of straw art. He took help from goggled to enhance his skills. Later, he found Binay Raj Upadhya, who further mentored him. 

Now, he operates his business through social media. He goes by the name of Nayaju Wheat Straw art on Facebook and Instagram. Customers can make orders through the online medium by leaving a message on his social media pages.

In the social platforms, Shrestha flaunts portrait of the various icons. He even has a portrait of Shatrughan Sinha, which he presented the politician turned actor during an event held in Nepal. Likewise, he has also crafted portraits of several Nepali actors, including Karishma Manandhar, and Namrata Shrestha. 

A die-heart fan of Namrata Shrestha, he wishes to gift Shrestha her portrait. He revealed, “I’m a huge fan of Namrata Shrestha. I have never missed any of her movies so far,” the artisan further added, “I had made a portrait of a Namrata Shrestha two years back.  But due to her busy schedule, I haven’t been able to gift it to her. I still have the portrait wrapped in gift paper.”

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