Angeline Gurung

Published On: December 24, 2022 12:30 PM NPT By: Angeline Gurung

Complaint Choir of Kathmandu

Complaint Choir of Kathmandu

Namaste! Namaste! Kathmandu City, 

Dust and dirt everywhere, 

Piles of garbage anywhere, 

Rise of pollution exceedingly high, 

Even birds also say the smog is so high,

Extreme crowds in the city make us suffocate,

Tired of vehicles noises wake us up every night,

Not a single day without dust in the eyes, about to cry but have to survive, 

The politicians are blabbering in the streets but neglecting the poor and needy before their greed,  

Women are still considered impure while menstruating when the process is natural from the beginning,

People are selfish even neighbors don’t know each other’s names, 

What kind of city do we live in where we don’t know each other’s names? 




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