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Published On: November 4, 2017 08:42 AM NPT By: Kiran Lama/ Nasana Bajracharya

China South Asia Expo: Offering Int’l Products

China South Asia Expo: Offering Int’l Products


The second day of China South Asia Expo, Nepal 2017 came to a conclusion at Bhrikutimandap Exhibition Hall, Kathmandu on Friday. 

A large number of people had gathered at the venue. Some were buying products from the stalls whereas others were inquiring about the products and services for a long term investment. With a total of 150 stalls and pavilions, the Expo showcased varieties of products such as kitchen equipment, lighting, medicine, electronics like vacuum cleaners, water purifiers, surveillance, clothes, jackets, furniture, shoes and accessories. Of which, 76 stalls were China-based institutions whereas the remaining share of stalls showcased Nepali and other South Asian products from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.

This is the first time that the China South Asia Expo is being organized in Nepal. “Many Nepali entrepreneurs have participated in Expo in China over the time, but now they have the chance to show their products here itself,” Rajendra Nakarmi, general secretary of Nepal-China Executive's Council, said.

According to Nakarmi, the Expo organized here was the result of their proposal to give Chinese products a market in Nepal as well. “Up until last year, the China South Asia Expo was being organized in China since 2007. We persuaded the Executive Committee and convinced them to organize a similar Expo here in Nepal for a better and expanded trade market for both the countries.”

In the fair, over 100 entrepreneurs that participated were associated with organizers while the remaining participants came in association with the Council. On the sidelines of the Expo, the entrepreneurs also had a chance to participate in an interaction program to better their products and services which was organized by the Council, an NGO/Non-profit organization bridging the gap between Nepali and Chinese markets. 

“Homework is needed for further development. We can only work as a bridge and give a platform, success for the entrepreneurs would have to work for themselves,” Nakarmi said. The fair also had stalls by Chinese investment companies, distilleries, industries and airlines that presented their services and products for the visitors.

Meanwhile, a brainstorming program is also underway with the Chinese entrepreneurs to decide where the future editions of the Expo would be held, informed Nakarmi.

The fair, which started on November 2, is being organized by the China South Asia Expo Secretariat and co-organised by the Yunnan International Exposition Affairs Bureau of China and the Nepal-China Executive Council. Minister for Information and Communication Mohan Bahadur Basnet and Head of the China-South Asia Expo Executive Committee, Gao Shuxun, who is also former vice-governor of China's Yunnan Province, had inaugurated the Expo.

The exhibitors have displayed goods and machinery related to energy, electricity and information technology besides bio pharmaceutical products. Similarly, home appliances, tea, handicrafts and food processing and packaging machines are on show at the expo. 

Companies from Nepal and South Asia have showcased gems and jewellery, leather products, garments, tea, coffee, shoes and tourism products. 


Rajip Maharjan

Finance Manager (YEIG)

Actually, I enjoyed the Expo a lot. We are representing two units – Yeig International Energy Development Co Ltd and ORO, Yunnan Commerce. With the ‘One Belt, One Road’ concept, YEIG International aims at serving in Nepal as an investor in hydro power energy field. And ORO, Yunnan Commence be a medium between Nepal and Yunnan for promoting the business and exchanging culture. Overall, the management at the Expo was quite good and most of the visitors at my stall were above 40 years of age who have a keen interest in hydro power energy projects.

Shetu Ahamad

Bangladeshi Businessperson 
I was completely satisfaction with the management at the Expo because it was well organized with a proper security system. So, I don’t have any complaints. My business at the Expo is going extremely well. We’re especially selling t-shirts and shirts. If the problems related to transportation, location and communication are sorted out, trade between Nepal and Bangladesh can go really well in the future

Pramila Panta 

I bought an electronic jug and some jackets for winter from the Expo. I came here because I saw the hoarding boards outside and they were so attractive. But, the event was normal like any previous expos held in Nepal. So, I didn’t  find any newness in this expo. 

Ning de Pong

Water purifier mechanic
Basically, the water of Kathmandu is not pure and we aim to provide pure drinking water to the public. Our company is planning to open various water purifier selling branches in Katmandu in the near future. We are conducting tests of our water purifier at the Expo and the visitors are keen to know about it. 

Shiva Lama 

Retired soldier (visitor)
As I strolled around the Expo, I found no newness in the products. I’ve lived abroad for several years and I’ve seen more interesting items than those that were put on sale at the Expo. Some of the electronic and kitchen products were modern I must say, but there is still room for development. Though the products at the Expo failed to meet my expectation, such events should be encouraged so that Nepali buyers are exposed to international and latest products. I bought a water purifier and a set of knives. 

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