Published On: August 5, 2017 01:13 PM NPT By: Shuvechchha Ghimire

Chasing her desire to serve

Gita Adhikari, originally from Ilam, could not get herself into any medical training owing to her family’s feeble economic condition. She eventually started her career in acting, which she enjoyed for 12 years, until it became “rather dull”. Five years ago, she started taking time off her acting pursuits to volunteer at the help desk in Bir Hospital, Kanti Path. 

Chasing her desire to serve the old and sick, Gita started to volunteer at Bir Hospital without much technical expertise in assisting them. A Nepali version of Munna Bhai in ‘Munna Bhai MBBS’, She helps find blood donors for the sick and treatment funds for the needy. When stationed at the help desk, she directs patients and their relatives to respective wards and/or right doctors. She also sponsors breakfasts for those that have come a long way from their home to Bir Hospital and do not necessarily know where to go for an early meal. 

Gita has been relentlessly serving the needy for five years now on her personal expense. Upon asked how she could sustain unpaid volunteering for that long a time, she said, “Coming from a religious background, I believe it is my responsibility to help people. Not everyone that I’ve served has needed monetary donation. They often are from rural places and would really benefit from a little direction around the Bir Hospital premises.” 

What inspired Gita to volunteer at Bir Hospital is the fact that her mother used to work as a Woman Health Volunteer and her elder brother also works in the medical field. Another source of inspiration was her involvement with the Sai Baba Organization, which preaches extensively about service to others. 

Gita also uses facebook principally to spread the word about her activism and volunteering, thus garnering willing supporters for the needy. “I post appealing photos of people who could benefit with a little financial support,” she said.

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