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Published On: August 12, 2019 02:07 PM NPT By: Republica

Celebrating the month of Gunla through cultural performances

Celebrating the month of Gunla through cultural performances

On the occasion of Gunla, the tenth month of the Newari calendar, also the month for Gunla festival, Project Baja Nepal organized a cultural event 'Silu Festival In Durbar' on Saturday at Patan Durbar Square, Patan.

The cultural event is celebrated annually in Lalitpur on the occasion of Gunla month. The event began with a performance of 380 years old traditional dance ‘Baudha Lila’, one of the forms of Kartik dance.

The dance was led by Dinesh Maharjan where dancers Aaju Kancha Maharjan, Geet Sanu Kaji Maharjan, Ratna Maharjan accompanied him on stage. Likewise, Bijay Maharjan sang the song while Abij Maharaj, Angel Maharjan and Avash Maharjan played traditional musical instrument Khee during the performance.

Meanwhile, the audience also witnessed a performance by Project Baja Nepal. In the event, they performed ‘Shilu Dhu’, Newari folk music. The music narrated the story of a married couple who attended the Shilu (Gosaikunda) fair during Janai Purnima.

Then, there were other traditional performances such as Lakhey dance and more in the event. According to the president of Project Baja Nepal, Firoj Bajracharya, the festival aims at conserving and promoting the traditional music of Nepal.

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