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Published On: February 21, 2018 11:45 AM NPT By: Kriesha Pradhan

Celebrating diversity

Celebrating diversity

A rainbow binds every color,
Then displays itself in the clear blue sky;
We gaze at it awestruck.
The sky when just blue,
Is nothing especial
Then the clouds come dancing in 
At sunset, orange and pink and purple.
Oh how beautiful the sight is!
 Our society could be just as unique.
Just as wonderful.
If only people of every color and every caste were bound together.
Instead we allow this belief of religion shoot arrows to divide us.
And our narrow minded thoughts bring forth bloodshed.
Our skin, gender, race should not be the cause of war.
We’re humans. Not a CD and a PC to be ‘not compatible’
Allah will not curse you for wishing someone on Christmas
And Buddha will not frown upon 
His disciples for celebrating Tihar alongside Hindus.
Let there be parties where girls wearing kurtis 
Are dancing with guys wearing kilts.
We shall be just as magnificent as the sky during sunset 
And as united as the seven colors of the rainbow
So let us celebrate diversity.
Be it in gender, caste, culture, taste
Let us all come together in spite of all our differences.
Only then will for every identity will our society be a better place.

The author is a Grade VIII student at Premier International School.

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