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Published On: October 8, 2017 08:25 AM NPT By: ADISH KARKI



Humans are surreal animals possessing the ability to discriminate. So they are termed as superior beings. And the fact of 21st century is that the superiors are always proud of their ability. The problem is that humans are so proud of their abilities that they’ve become careless, carelessness to such an extent that it could result in fatality. 

I raise my hand and pin point this issue as I’m also a victim of this deadly epidemic. I am now facing the consequence of my carelessness. I still remember those days in school when I used to copy notes from the black-board sitting in the last bench. But now, I can’t see the notes from even the front benches. My eyes have grown weak due to my carelessness. I now have a pair of black framed glasses over my so-called eyes. 

My story of carelessness doesn’t end here. Carelessness has stuck me hard, harder than the 2015 Gorkha earthquake. I tend to write articles whenever I have free time. I plan to write in topics of various kinds, even write the manuscript but never copy it in my article collection notebook. Till date, I have lost 17 of my articles because of my carelessness. Likewise my studies have also faced a few setbacks due to my negligence and carelessness.

Every problem has a solution. Even diseases like Zika and Ebola have medicines. So we can also find an antidote to carelessness. We must think of the consequences o avert carelessness. Let’s kick off procrastination from our mind. Let’s be careful in every attributes of our short tenured life. 

If we are determined to do something, we can obviously accomplish it as we are the smartest of creatures. We’re the ultimate and most intelligent creatures of the world. So let’s be careful and minimize every sort of destruction.


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