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Capturing Feelings in Art

Capturing Feelings in Art

Nepal Art Council, Babermahal, is currently exhibiting Pramila Pariyar BK’s ‘Feelings’. BK’s solo exhibition started last Thursday and is scheduled to continue for a week. 

BK’s displays a blend of traditional artworks with the contemporary genres to introduce a new identity in her paintings. She has provided richness and color to the life of a woman, highlighting influential roles like of a birth-giver, a lover and a pillar of a family. In her paintings, she has signified rebirth and purity through a lotus flower that rises from the muddy water to morph into a magnificent plant. Further, she has also used the clouds to demonstrate the omnipresence and the mercurial nature of human emotions.
One of her paintings captures the relationship of Radha and Krishna. BK said, “We always think of Radha in unanimity with Krishna, whereas in truth they never experienced union.” In the painting, Radha is gracefully seated under a tree that is embraced by the aura of Krishna who is present in her thoughts. 

Various works that have been featured revolve around the theme of the male-female union and the sheer beauty of it. Here, sperms as a masculine idea, are represented by flower petals and feminine qualities are depicted by hair and textures created by bubble-wrap that represent eggs. 

Keshab Raj Khanal, an art critique and writer, claimed that, “Whether it is about the relationship of husband and wife or love between mother and daughter, each one of these paintings carries its own essence and story. The story of nature and the dawn of life have been drawn blissfully on the paintings.”

‘Feelings’ is BK’s first solo exhibition. She began working for this exhibition since 2017. The artists shared, “I wished to have a solo exhibition for a while but the timing never felt right. I didn’t feel mature enough as an artist.” On her choice of venue she commented, “I wanted Nepal Art Council as the site because it is a renowned gallery that sees a lot of visitors, from artists to art lovers, and tourists to the locals.”

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