Published On: June 20, 2019 04:30 PM NPT By: Agencies

Camila Cabello takes social media breaks to 'protect' herself

Camila Cabello takes social media breaks to 'protect' herself

Photo Courtesy: Seventeen


Camila Cabello says she often goes off the social media grid to concentrate on her well being. The 22-year-old singer said such breaks help her stay true to what matters in life. "I go through phases in my life -- there are times where I feel like protecting myself and focusing on myself and being present in whatever is happening around me is more important," Cabello told The Hollywood Reporter.

The "Havana" hitmaker revealed she decided to stay away from the digital world as she was working on her latest album. The LP is a follow-up to last year's debut "Camilla". "To me, the art is what's sacred and that's what is most important. If that means I need to take a little break or a little distance, then I'll do it."

However, the singer said she does not shy away from indulging in podcasts, especially if they are by Oprah Winfrey. "In life, sometimes there is a need for space and there is a need to become a hermit crab and listen to (Winfrey's) 'Super Soul Sunday' podcast," Cabello said.

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