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Published On: July 7, 2021 01:49 PM NPT By: Moin Uddin

Breathing each other's stories

Breathing each other's stories

The room is dark
And he is waiting for the light to come
From nowhere thoughts of life illuminates
And he is surrounded with hopes and fear.

He only wanted togetherness
Since a long time when he felt what it means to be
But no one understands or are not willing

To share the future along the merry

Time is moving
And a child is growing into a man
He wonders and wanders the luck of love he wants turning blind
Oh he feels he is growing old and will never get love of his kind

He thinks of committing sin but his values stops him 
He gets tangled and suffocate of his lonely being
He only wanted someone whom he is in love with to join the journey
And move according to the waves holding each other's hands

And breathing each other's stories.

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