Frejya Sugam

Published On: May 27, 2018 11:32 AM NPT By: Frejya Sugam

Born this way

Born this way

Did women come out of man’s spine or do men come out of women’s womb? Does carrying heavy loads make men great or bleeding for a week make women strong? Are men and women equal? Who will answer these questions? How will we know the hierarchy? You might say ‘of course the society does’. The same society, which talks about rights of women, censures short clothes at the same time. Who will clear this ambiguity?

Why are women blamed for their own harassment? Why aren’t men taught to respect them? Why is a woman maltreated by another woman? Why is it that a woman waits to be saved by a man every time? Can’t women be their own superhero?

Cover yourself, speak less, cross your legs, fat is ugly, agree to what he says or he won’t like you; do women really need validation from men to exist or to be themselves! You are different from all other women I have met; who gave men the right to distinguish and difference between women? 

It’s time the world know that all women are same. We are alike because our spines are made of steel and bones of star dust. We can melt you with love and burn you in fury. Love is our language but I bet you wouldn’t want to see us distorted with rage. All you have seen is a soothing ocean; little do you know why tsunami was named after a woman.

born, way,

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