Published On: July 22, 2019 07:28 PM NPT By: Kiran Lama

Bold Preety willing to fight for her musical career

Since, the hippie era (1970s), Thamel has been one of the popular tourist hubs in Nepal. Known for the night life activities such as live music and night party, this part of the city has garnered the title ‘City That Never Sleeps’.

Growing up in such an environment, Preety Manandhar, an aspirant singer, got influenced by the Thamel vibes, especially the live music sessions held in different clubs and restaurants. “I’m a local here. And I grew up with rock culture.  I’ve always imagined myself performing in gigs. Eventually, I got unconsciously inclined toward musical field,” Manandhar shares on how she got into music.

However, being a female, she faced different challenges while pursuing a career as a singer who performs live in pubs and clubs. Nevertheless, thanks to her supportive family who let her follow her passion for music. “If my family hadn’t been liberal, I won’t be a musician today. The reasons are; first, being in musical field was not considered as profession at that time. And the second main thing was, women who sing in bar and pub were seen as spoiled women,” Manandhar says.

Moreover, she began her musical journey with ‘Jai Nepal Band’ in 2012 but the band was disbanded in 2016.  In her life, she had been through various ups and downs, socially and financially. “I’d been encountered with many drunken customers who misbehaved me, while performing. Moreover, my family had heard numerous negative remarks from society, regarding me performing late at night. Then, my job was unstable and source of income was not so satisfying. Consequently, the band couldn’t continue further,” she reminisces about her gig days in Thamel. 

Then, in 2018 she went Yinchuan, China to pursue music. After performing for a year in Yinchuan, she released her debut single, ‘Stay’ via YouTube. She has penned and composed the song whereas Sunil Pahadi and Sushan Shrestha—band members of Cornerstone have arranged the song.

She says it’s her passion for music that no matter what, she is going to follow her dream to be an acknowledged singer. Moreover, this soulful and husky voiced diva is planning for her debut album and a musical tour in different parts of Nepal.





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