Utsav Kafle

Kafle is lecturer at Bageshwari Multiple Public Campus Kohalpur, Banke.

Published On: April 22, 2018 08:50 AM NPT By: Utsav Kafle

Better relations, better environment in college

Better relations, better environment in college

Students’ main objective is to gain knowledge and elaborate wisdom as well as to get academic certificates from a college. The motto of joining a college may differ from one student to other. But most of the students receive knowledge from the educational institute. For that the institute must follow some essential norms for the betterment of both the sides in knowledge sharing process.
Time is most important factor for everyone that’s why we must do our works in time. For instance, a teacher must enter into the classroom in time and students should be punctual. It makes relation between a lecture and students stronger.

Environment is another factor that effects the education and its system. Only the presence of lectures and students in time into a classroom isn’t sufficient. The environment there should be good for educational activities. For that the head of that institution and the representatives of students should be aware about the condition. And they must take proper actions to improve educational environment around the college. Administrators should create a situation conducive for those who are devoted for academic excellence in the college.

We prefer speaking about quality education in length but we never take meaningful action to improve the situation. Campus chief, administrators, department chiefs, lectures and students all should be made responsible and accountable based on their jurisdiction. As we know education is never ending process, trainings and seminars should be conducted periodically to make teachers as well as students updated about latest innovations and ideas.

Flexibility is other important factor to create good environment in an organization. All demands raised by various groups may not be important but the administration should show the interest to listen to them and respond which is essentially to make college environment healthy and peaceful. The stakeholders should be flexible about the demands raised by them. Students must be curious and critical about happenings within the college. They are not only recipients but also contributors. They take knowledge from the college and then they give a result. Good results by students help the college improve its name and fame. So the right issues of the students must be well-received by the college administration and the good decision must be accepted by the students. All sides should maintain healthy relations because we have to walk together in the educational journey. One must be aware about the consequences of attitude of boycotting each other.

Every action taking place inside the institution should be transparent to avoid any controversy and unnecessary disputes. Issues related to finance, administration, scholarship and infrastructure development, among others, must be transparent. It is equally important to make activities of student unions and their financial transaction transparent. Otherwise, the student unions lose moral ground to raise questions over irregularities from administrative section.

The aspect of reward and punishment should be implemented sincerely for the betterment of an organization. Unless and until talented and honest people are awarded, an organization can’t perform well. Such people must be acknowledged for their contributions. 

As the students are regular observers, recipients as well as contributors of a college, they must be vigilant about the activities taking place within the academic institution and take right decisions in right time. Every action should be guided by wisdom and not by emotion.


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