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Being a musician is glamorous

Being a musician is glamorous

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Like his hit numbers 'Mari Jau' and 'Mari Jau 2', Bikki Gurung too is calm and composed. New York-based Nepali musician Bikki arrived in Nepal on December 28, 2019, and he will be here till January. He is working for his musical tour in Nepal, probably begins at the end of March or the beginning of April and will visit major cities like Pokhara, Dharan, Chitwan among others. He will be on tour abroad as well.

On Tuesday, Bikki was at Nepal Republic Media, lean and tall Bikki in his casual dress looked crisp and smart. The owner of soulful voice has touched many hearts and his song 'Mari Jau' has more than 12 million views on YouTube.

As for Bikki, he is happy for the acknowledgment. However, he says he had never thought of gaining that amount of recognition. He shared, “I am happy that I have fans but I am not satisfied yet and this is not the end goal. I want more engagement and followers who appreciate my work. And I still need to work more toward that.”

For him, music is everything and explained, “It inspires you, motivates you and through music I express my feelings— be it about good time or bad time. We listen to lyrics according to our mood and it’s like part of our life.”

Bikki has worked on more than 10 romantic songs. Moreover, he also has an EP containing 5 songs, and before that, he has released a bunch of singles. Talking about his musical journey he added, “My family has always been very supportive and my older sister is the one who boasts my ego.”

Five years ago with the request of his friend, he tried to sing inside a studio. Bikki is a self-taught musician and this experience made him realize he can create music. He shared, “My friend took me to the studio then we composed one song, roughly drafted. And then I felt like maybe I can do this. Then I started to make music, compose songs and write lyrics.”

When asked, about the challenging part while producing music, he said, “If you are not doing it full time, everything is difficult. Composing songs is easy for me. But I feel like sometimes you get stuck in one lyric. During the production, it’s a very tedious task, you have to be there. And a lot of people don’t know how much a producer puts into one song. Also in my perspective who is not a trained singer and doesn’t perform with bands, basically I have to prep myself for 2 or 3 weeks ahead. So it’s a tedious task. So, all three have their own challenges and scopes.”

One needs the inspiration to continue what he/she does and Bikki’s inspiration is his fans and supporters who inspire him to make music. And him making music, “it’s a healing factor and I express my feeling through lyrics. Sometimes you are happy and sometimes you want to be emotional so all that, music is a platform for me.”

He added, “Nepali music is progressing rapidly and no one can stop it because unlike ten years ago you didn’t have platforms like YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, now you can make music and put out there and no matter what language, everybody is going to listen to your song. And top of that we are from diverse cultures and are multilingual. So, there are fan-based YouTube subscribers and iTunes, and it’s a matter of time someone’s going to be on Spotify top of 100. Then, Nepali music is diverse; there is alternative rock, hip-hop, folk Nepali music, which have international demands.”

With the affection and love he gained from his first hit song ‘Mari Jau’, in 2020 he is going to give his full swing into music, which is his life-changing decision.  He added, “ To be honest, I never imagined myself being a full-time musician, now I came to the realization that maybe I want to be in this career. In 2020, I am solely focusing on my musical career.”

Being a musician he says is glamorous, “you have people who admire your work and you are always getting positive energy, I feel like you need that. New York is stressful and in Nepal getting good feedbacks, inspires me.”





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