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Published On: August 4, 2018 08:13 AM NPT By: Kshitiz Singh

Bauddha: A culinary paradise

Bauddha: A culinary paradise

Like most heritage sites of the Kathmandu Valley, the Khasti Chaitya vicinity -- referred to as Bauddha at present -- is a treasure trove of religious and cultural blends. Heartily influenced by the Tibetan lifestyle, even the eateries scattered throughout the narrow alleyways of Bauddha make the northern influence evident. Additionally, the inclusion of contemporary eateries caters to those who prefer to indulge in international delicacies.  

From the traditional Khapses to the intricate pizzas, one can find an assortment of dishes that justify their culinary preferences. Moreover, most of these restaurants are budget friendly and the correlation between the flavors, and food portions are amazingly appealing. For My City, Kshitiz Singh took on a dietary journey to unearth the best delights Bauddha has to offer.

Khawa Karpo Tasty Noodle Factory:
Khawa Karpo Tasty Noodle Factory is among the most famous eateries in Bauddha. The snug establishment is known for serving freshly rolled noodles that blend the savory and pungent flavors of garlic, soy sauce, and an amalgamation of chili, oil and sesame seeds. Be mindful of their menu though; it only comprises a few noodle and lafing items. Between the two, the noodles are favorites among their customers. 

A regular portion of the noodles is advisable only for heavy eaters. For lighter eaters, the smaller serving is a more fitting option.

Yak Restaurant
The first impression that the ambiance of the restaurant provides may not necessarily display the grandeur that most eateries boast. Moreover, even the shabby dining area can lead the customers to doubt their pick. However, the moment the food is served, the dingy restaurant turns into a gastronomic lavishness. 

Yak restaurant is an ideal dining option for a large group. The serving portions are huge and eating in groups allows the food fanatics to experiment with various items from their extensive menu.  However, ask the servers about your food, in case of doubt. Wrong order in Yak can provoke your taste palette.

An order of whole fish is ideal if you’re dining in a group consisting of two or three people. For larger groups, ask for a serving of the tangy chicken hot-pot. Both dishes can be paired with either ice or T-momo.  Also, the small-sized soup dumplings can be a unique culinary experience for many.

White Zambala Hotel and Restaurant
White Zamba is a food oasis adjacent with the Bauddhanath Stupa square.  The entrance to the restaurant passes through a concave of backpacks in a dark alley. A few meters from the narrow lane then opens to a large area with unwalled dining space.  

The restaurant boasts soupy noodle delights, served with an array of proteins, large dumplings with filling variances, and stirred fried vegetables. Citing the portion sizes, sharing food is recommended in White Zambala as well. Also, it's best if you pair your food with either a serving of rice or rolled steam dough cakes, T-momo.  

The 10-year-old G-Cafe serves international culinary delights maintaining top-notch hygiene standards. Located on the opposite lane of the Bauddhanath Stupa, the fast-food establishment has received acknowledgment for maintaining an utmost quality of food without tempering their taste. 

Since the entire menu is a result of an intensive research and development procedure, the cafe ensures that the kitchen maintains the precise ratio that was used during the formulation stage. Owner Vishwa Maskey suggests trying chicken garlic noodles, and Manchurian, however, American Chopsuey is equally appealing.  The homemade noodles are deep fried and slathered onto a sauce that maintains the delicate balance of sweet and tangy flavors. Also, G-cafe  is among the handful of restaurants which wouldn't disappoint pizza buffs. Different from the most pizzerias, the dough is airy, and the sharp taste of aged-cheese is distinct in their pizzas. 

The cafe has two seating options -- indoor and outdoor. You are received into the indoor seating area as soon as you enter through the main entrance, but you can opt to sit amidst the lush floras in the open sitting space.


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