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Published On: July 30, 2017 10:57 AM NPT By: Shuvechha Ghimire

Bamboo Restro

Bamboo Restro

A delightful dining experience

Bamboo Restro is located on Basantapur Durbar Square, and came into operation only three months ago. The restaurant boasts a stylistic decoration, with one having to climb about fifteen narrow steps before they reach the main entrance a floor above. The entrance is decorated with bamboos — hence the name — and green lights that demonstrate the organizers’ fascination for the color.  

A quick scroll through the menu shows that the chefs and organizers there prefer to spice things up; from presentation of the dishes to the drinks’ names on the menu.
What enriched the experience of dining at Bamboo Restro was the aesthetics of the restaurant. Traditional tools such as Laltin (oil lamps) and ploughs were used to give it a conventional look. However, soft versions of English pop music playing in the background pose contrast to the place’s ‘traditional’ first impression.

Sweet Sunrise, a strawberry flavored drink, served on a margarita glass was the perfect way to begin the meal. Decorated on the rim of the glass were flakes of sugar, which greatly complemented the freshening tang of the drink. A close semblance drawn between this non-alcoholic drink and margarita was particularly fascinating in that it served to remind me of the tartness and heady warmth of the latter.

Numerous semblances were made in terms of presentation of other food -- specially the starters and entrées. The restaurant also is inviting to youngsters with love for frenzy non-alcoholic drinks and different flavors of icecreams. It is a perfect setting to hang out with friends.  Check out three delectable dishes available here.

Dynamite Chicken
The restro serves fried boneless chicken, marinated with soy sauce, garlic powder and Worcestershire Sauce in a champagne glass. Dynamite Chicken includes a generous serving of fried chicken over lettuce leaves. The complementary sauce in Dynamite Chicken was rich in mayonnaise, chilli garlic sauce and pepper. This combination of sweet and tangy sauces worked surprisingly well when complemented with a Sweet Sunrise.

Chicken Sadeko momo
The dish was exactly how it sounded- a spicy mix of freshly chopped onions, coriander, cumin, spring onions and tomatoes. These ingredients not only add bright colors, but also bring freshness to the dish. The salad gave a flavorful punch to the steamed chicken momo.  

Mongolina Buff
The dish is made of minced ginger, garlic, and buff.  It is presented with green onion pieces and a generous mix of soy sauce, which thicken over its layers.

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